Workout Of The Day

  • 4/28/17

    With a continuously running clock complete:

    5 thrusters every minute (25 thrusters every 5 minutes). 

    From 0:00-5:00 use 75 lb.

    From 5:00-10:00 use 95 lb.

    From 10:00-15:00 use 115 lb.

    Continue adding 20 lb. every 5 minutes for as long as you are able.  Post total number of reps completed.  


    Ladies Weights: 55/65/75

    Every minute do 5 thrusters at the prescribed weight.

    Every 5 minutes add 20 pounds for guys and 10 pounds for ladies. 

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This week's #opengymchallenge is 

800m KB Farmer Carry 53/35

Every time you put KBs down, do 10 burpees!


  • Battle of the Benchmarks

    Battle of the Benchmarks 

    coming to CrossFit Guild 

    September 9, 2017!

    This individual competition is a battle between you and "The Girls"!  Choose between RX Males and Females, Scaled Males and Females, Masters RX Male and Female and Masters Scaled Male and Female.  We look forward to an exciting competition!

    Register using the link below!


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